What are the Six Signs to See a Functional Neurologist?

What are the Six Signs to See a Functional Neurologist?

Do you think you should be seeing a functional neurologist? Medical doctors have been around for years and most people rely on them for diagnosing and treating their health conditions. Yet while there are so many different types, different practices, and so forth – they all focus on the same thing: using medicine to treat illness.

The alternative to using medicine is treating the body naturally – and that’s what you get with a functional neurologist. We’ve got 6 signs you need to see one.

6 Signs To See a Functional Neurologist


Most medical doctors will prescribe medicine that is designed to treat ailments, but it isn’t going to help anything if you don’t get to the root cause. For instance, if you are suffering from insomnia, giving you a prescription medication to help you sleep will take care of the immediate problem. But the bigger question is – why are you suddenly unable to sleep? What is going on in the body? A functional neurologist will find out the answers and then take steps to heal it. In other words, the focus is on the cause rather than the symptoms.


If you are looking for a doctor that follows the latest research and puts the most effective procedures into practice, then a functional neurologist can help. These professionals study science and the greater picture of your health and regularly adopt new strategies – which is very different from a methodical medical doctor.


Functional neurologists are proactive in their healthcare. It doesn’t make much sense to wait until you get a condition, an illness, or a disease and then treat the problem as is typically done in a medical setting. Rather, why not take steps to keep your body healthy and reduce the chance of illness or disease. Being proactive means you can reduce your chance of heart disease, thyroid conditions, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more.


It is not uncommon to be told by your primary care doctor that your labs look fine – whether you feel fine or not. If this is where you are at, then you need someone who is going to dig deeper for you. And a functional medicine doctor will do just that. They will help you to fine-tune every part of your body so that you can be the best version of yourself.


Trying procedure after procedure for a solution to your health concerns can really rack up the cost with your medical doctor and your insurance. The more often you get sick, the greater the fees – especially in the long run if your health declines. Functional neurology helps you to find healing for life. And, while it may cost a little money initially if not covered by your insurance, it is important to look at the bigger picture: the positive changes in your health and the way you will feel going forward with less sickness and with fewer health problems in the future.


When visiting a medical doctor, patients often feel like they are just a number. They get a few minutes of the doctor’s time without the doctor fully getting the low-down on their situation. A few numbers, key facts, questions asked, and it is time to go. You may walk out with a prescription or referral. Or you may walk out with nothing at all.

Think about your last visit to the doctor – Did you feel seen? Did you feel heard? Did you have time to ask the questions you had or really explain everything you’ve been feeling and how it has impacted your life? Probably not.

With functional medicine, things are a bit different. Here, the doctor wants to talk to you and get to know you. He/she wants to understand what is going on with you, your history, your ailments, your lifestyle, your concerns, and so forth. And then, you work together to help heal your body from the inside out.

Find Healing with Functional Neurology

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