Anxiety Treatment in Stuart, FL


The palms of your hands are sweaty.

Your heart feels like it is going to beat right out of your chest

And your legs – oh how they don’t feel like they can hold you up anymore.

The thoughts in your mind are racing.

You try to make sense of all of this.

You try not to panic.

And, you try not to let anyone around you know that all of this is going on.

If you can relate to any of this, it sounds like you could be struggling with anxiety. Many people have it – and know they have it. Some try to hide its effects. Others, well, they find themselves in the emergency room on a Tuesday night entirely convinced they are dying.

Anxiety is not fun at all. And what makes it so tricky is that it can be a symptom or signal to other health-related concerns. Believe it or not, not everyone who suffers from anxiety is just anxious. While most may be treated for the mental health aspect of anxiety, there could be something much more serious that needs to be addressed.

How to tell if it is anxiety.

Anxiety is powerful. It can mean nothing at all – or it can mean some very serious health conditions. So, how do you know if it is true anxiety? Let’s take a moment to start with the basics. Anxiety is the name given to your body’s response of fear and apprehension to a real or perceived threat. However, it can also stem from underlying medical conditions mimicking the worry and nervousness that anxiety brings.

Symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person. The most commonly reported symptoms are:

Some medical professionals find it difficult to properly diagnose anxiety as a mental health disorder, as it can signal so many other conditions. Sadly, this may leave some individuals falsely treating an anxiety condition, rather than treating the real underlying medical condition.

Did you know anxiety can stem from your thyroid?

Your thyroid – that tiny gland that makes up part of your endocrine system – has a big job. It releases hormones into the bloodstream that get carried to all your major organs throughout the body. These keep your body moving thoroughly and efficiently. However, every now and then, the thyroid can become dysfunctional. And when it does – you will feel it.

One of the ways it can present its erratic self to you is in the form of anxiety. If your thyroid is producing and distributing hormones at an increased rate (known as Hyperthyroidism), then there is a good chance you will feel as though your body processes are sped up, too. You may find yourself feeling anxious for no reason. Or, perhaps you will feel restless, irritable, have difficulty sleeping, and so much more.

Wait, are you saying that my thyroid could be the cause of my anxiety?


You may be feeling as though you have anxiety issues because of your flailing thyroid. Unfortunately, many people will be treated for their anxiety and never learn of their underlying diagnosis. If they did, they could receive professional help – preferably naturally – for their thyroid and reduce the symptoms of their anxiety dramatically.

I am ready to be free from my anxiety. Can you help me?

If you are ready to be free from your anxiety, you have found your way to the right place. Dr. Randy Hansbrough and his team of professionals believe that your health is important. In fact, getting to the root of medical conditions is what we strive for. Then, after a thorough panel of bloodwork and other labs, we will be able to create a wellness plan designed just for you.

By using a natural approach to medicine, you will be able to see a positive change in your symptoms very soon after treatment is started.Anxiety can stop you in your tracks. It can make facing life and conquering your dreams seem impossible. And it can cause you a lot of pain and a lot of missed memories. Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by this terrible condition any longer.

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