Neck and Back Pain in Stuart, FL

Neck and Back Pain

Chronic neck and back pain can be debilitating, affecting your daily life and diminishing your overall well-being. Whether you're suffering from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or other spinal conditions, there's hope for a pain-free future without the need for invasive surgeries or reliance on pain medications. At Hansbrough Functional Neurology, we specialize in utilizing innovative neck and back treatments to alleviate chronic neck and back pain and help you regain your quality of life.

We take a holistic and patient-centered approach to treating Neck and Back pain.
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    Non-Invasive Solutions: We prioritize non-invasive treatments that (may) eliminate the need for surgery or prolonged medication use. Our neck and back treatments are gentle, safe, and highly effective.
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    Drug-Free Relief: We recognize the potential drawbacks of relying on medications for long-term pain management. Our treatments focus on addressing the underlying causes of your neck and back pain, offering lasting relief without drugs.
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    Impressive Success Rates: Over the years, we've achieved remarkable success in treating chronic neck and back pain. Most of our patients experience significant improvements in their pain levels, allowing them to reclaim their lives.

Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

Why Choose Neck and Back Treatments?

Our knee treatments harness the body's natural ability to heal and regenerate. By targeting the nervous system, we can alleviate pain and improve the overall function of your knees. Here's why you should consider neck and back treatments:

Typical Treatments for Neck and Back Pain

Spine Decompression: This is a computerized traction device that gently stretches the discs and connective tissue around the spine. This process reduces pressure on sensitive nerves and other soft structures, and improves overall comfort and function.

Hydrotherapy: A comforting waterbed with jacuzzi jets underneath gently pulsate the spine and surrounding tissue, bringing more circulation to the area and resulting in a soothing relaxed sensation. It goes very well with the spine decompression therapy.

No Heat Laser: When necessary as an add on therapy, deep penetrating laser without heat can be useful for reduction of inflammation and improved circulation to deeper structures.

Gentle spine adjustments/manipulation: Also when necessary as a way to compliment spine decompression, this hands on form of care improves spine flexibility and overall function, resulting in overall improvement in health.