10 Signs You May Have Neuropathy

10 Signs You May Have Neuropathy

Neuropathy is the result of damage caused to your nerves. These particular nerves, sometimes referred to as peripheral nerves, are located on the outside of your spinal cord and brain. Any damage that is caused can be from many different sources, like traumatic experiences, infections, inherited causes, or even metabolic issues. However, one of the most common causes is diabetes.


Peripheral neuropathy is very common yet potentially dangerous if not addressed and treated. If left alone, it is possible to develop some serious complications – like gangrene – and this can potentially lead to amputation of the infected limb.

Unless you are dealing with neuropathy directly, you may not know that there are a few different types, such as:


Many individuals only know that neuropathy causes numbness. But there are actually numerous other signs that you may have neuropathy. It is so important that you listen to your body and let your health care professional know when something doesn’t feel right. You always want to get to the root cause of the issue.

A few signs you may have neuropathy are:


The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can be so different that it can be tough for some healthcare professionals to make a diagnosis. Some testing can help, such as:

Depending on what the initial tests reveal, you may need to go into more in-depth tests like:

In the meantime, there are things you can do as an individual to help yourself. Self-care is a great way to be proactive against neuropathy. For example, some of the symptoms can be reduced by avoiding alcohol, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and even maintaining a healthy weight can help. As always, it’s important to get to the root cause of your neuropathy so that your body can begin to heal.

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