6 Foods for Thyroid Health

6 Foods for Thyroid Health

Your thyroid gland is the one gland in your body that must be working at its optimum potential to burn fat in your body. The thyroid produces a thyroid hormone, this hormone will jump-start your metabolism. Essentially, the more thyroid hormone you have the more rapid your metabolism works. The lower amount of thyroid hormone you have in your body, the slower your metabolism run. An easy way to help yourself, and to ensure you have a functional thyroid gland you can monitor what you consume.


Let’s face it, our body runs off of the fuel we feed it. If we feed our bodies nothing but junk it’s going to react in the same way, as junk. On the other hand, if we fuel our bodies with nutritious and healthy foods our bodies will prove to be a healthy and productive vessel. With the help of a health care professional, you can very easily begin a journey to healthy eating to rejuvenate your thyroid.

Here is a list of simple, fast, and easy foods that can help you on your journey:


Beans and legumes are not only rich in fiber but also zinc. Chickpeas are also one of the healthiest options for your thyroid.


Brazil nuts not only have a high source of iron, but they are also rich in selenium along with other materials that support your thyroid. You only need a couple of these nuts to give you the selenium you need.


Not only are avocados great tasting but they’re loaded with monounsaturated fat and antioxidants. These are what our thyroid needs to keep the rest of our body up.


Iodine is critical for making thyroid hormone and seaweed contains iodine.


Magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc are essential for thyroid hormone production, and all of them are found in spinach.


Another essential nutrient for a healthy thyroid is vitamin D and cod liver oil is a natural source rich in vitamin D.


These simple and easy items can be incorporated into meals or blending into drinks. Let them enhance the flavor of your food/beverage all while fueling your body with the nutrients and minerals needed to function properly. Thyroid health is essential to overall daily healthy living. Though keep in mind that too much or too little of anything in our lives is never good – but balance is key.

The first step in maintaining a healthy thyroid with food is to start taking charge. You only get one body, so treat yourself well. You deserve it.

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